Download current Version 1.82 Oct 17, 2021  SetupEyeCon182.EXE


Eyecon's main use has been to facilitate interactive performances and installations in which the motion of human bodies is used to trigger or control various other media (music, sounds, photos, films, lighting changes, etc.). Eyecon does this using a video feed from the performance or installation area (any normal video camera may be used). When the video signal is fed into the computer, the image appears in the main window of the program. You can now draw lines, fields or other elements _over_ the video picture. If a person then moves into the video image and some part of their body touches one of the elements you have drawn on,then an event can be triggered,for example a certain sound might be heard. Alternatively, if you have drawn a field, eyecon can measure the amount of motion occuring within that field. Additional features let you track the position of persons within the performance area,measure their height,their width,their overall size or the degree of left-right symmetry in their shape (assuming they are facing the camera). These control elements may each be assigned a different output. Any number of elements may be used simultaneously in any combination. Multiple cameras may also be used,though not simultanweously (unless you have more than one computer running). Eyecon is only available for PC/Windows computers.


Please read here and keep in mind that this software has been developed in the late 1990s ;-).