EyeCon Autostart:


In some cases you might want to run your EyeCon Patch without any further operator interaction. You might want to use a desktop link to startup and run an EyeCon patch or add a link to the autostart menu.

EyeCon has two command line parameters, one is the filename of the configuration file. The second is an optional '1' which switches Eyecon to run-mode immediately after loading the patch.

Setting up command line parameters

The easiest way to use the command line options is to create a new program link to EyeCon on the desktop. You can either right-click on the desktop, create a new link and browse for the executable file in your installation folder. A quick way is to drag the Eyecon link from the startmenu to the desktop with the right mouse button held down. Windows is asking whether it should copy or move the program link, in our case you want to copy it.

Now right click the newly created icon and set the properties.