Connecting a camera:

Connect a video camera to the video input. TheFALCON video framegrabber has two inputs for composite video and one for SVHS connections. Video Input #1 is the one that is further away from the SVHS connector.


On the control window you can select the used camera input.

You should see the camera picture in the Video window now. To change the Video-Input channel or the contrast/brightness settings choose Options/Videopara from the menu or press F6. Here you can switch the framegrabber inputs and tune the input parameters.

By default the color saturation is set to 0. That means that you don't see any colors in the video window even though you might have connected a color camera. The reason is, that neither touchlines nor dynamic fields need color information. Turning on the color usually leads to a noisier videopicture and makes controled interaction more difficult.