Last updated: Mar, 15. 2007

How to buy EyeCon

EyeCon prices:

0$/ euro 30-day Trial version*


300$/ 250€ normal price* Buy online from ShareIt, use credit cards, different currencies etc.


1000$/ 750€ institution/commercial enterprise price including extended support, multiple installations license*

3000$/ 2500€"system price" (includes everything you need: computer, camera, software, video board,...)


For these extended licenses please send email to eyecon (at) Institutions can buy Eyecon directly from me, you will receive a proper bill, money can be transfered in different ways.


*- note: You will need a video camera, and you MAY need additional hardware as well to attach your camera to your computer. Neither are included in this price. To know exactly what is needed click here.


Feel free to contact us at