Element Editor

The element window is the main window of the software. There, you can choose your detection objects, define their behaviour and their properties, that means the actions that they will trigger and control. Whenever you create an element it will show up in the Elementlist and the graphical representation will be displayed on top of the live video (in case of lines and fields).


Figure 2 : The left part of the elements window


The editor window is structured into different columns: 

Element types

An element can be a:

Each element has its own set of parameters that will latter be presented in detail. Some of the elements parameters are just valid for a specific element type while most of them are valid for all element types.

In principal each element is calculating a logical on/off result and one numerical value. In case of touchline the logical state is the presence or absence of an object along the line, while the numerical value is representing the point where the object cuts the line. For dynamic fields the logical state is calculated from the presence or absence of any movement while the numerical value represents the amount of movement in the field.



Creating Elements

Element List

Element Options

Type specific options